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Wedding Feng Shui

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Fung ShuiChoosing the Right Colors for Your Big Day

©2003 Kathryn Weber
Publisher, The Red Lotus Letter

As soon as a bride announces that she’s engaged, friends ask, “What are your colors?” While many women choose colors based on nostalgia or what will look good on their bridesmaids, selecting color combinations should be taken more seriously.

When a bride plans her wedding, she often pays close attention to tradition and the meaning behind every detail. Possibly the first detail that most brides think about are the colors for the wedding, but few think about the meanings of those colors. Considering the importance of the day, doesn’t it make sense to choose colors that are harmonious and beneficial for the couple?

Interestingly, the most harmonious and beneficial pairing of wedding colors comes from the tai chi symbol of yin and yang. This is the color pairing of black and white — the foundation of wedding colors (black tuxedo for the man, white dress for the woman). What is important to know, though, is that black is yin (female) and white is yang (male). This is why, when a man wears a black tux, his male energy is harmonized and balanced with the female color, and when the bride wears white, her female energy is balanced with male energy of the white (yang) color.

Of course, few brides and grooms venture far from the black and white tradition. Where the color choices go awry is in the supporting colors, such as those of the bridesmaids, flowers, reception table cloths, and so on.

Bearing in mind that feng shui is often referred to as a method for creating harmony. Harmony – in feng shui – means that colors, elements, shapes, and numbers are all supportive and beneficial for one another. On such an important day as the uniting of a couple, adding auspicious colors will help give your day a harmonious — and auspicious — start.


Color combinations that create bad luck:

o Greens and metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold)

o Red and blue

o Black and red

o Green and yellow

o Yellow and blue

o Red and metallic. Metallic colors such as white, silver, gray, or gold metals are especially bad when they’re paired with red.

Color combinations that create good luck:

o A yang color (i.e. red) with its yin version (i.e. pink) are always good, safe choices. Others include: dark blue/light blue, purple/lavender, dark green/light green.

o Red and green (great for Christmas weddings)

o Yellow and red (The perfect feng shui pairing for harmony, good social standing, and wealth)

o Metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) with yellow

o Greens with blues are perfect together

o Blues with metal colors (white, silver, gray, gold) are well-suited for each other.

What do the colors mean?

Reds and gold/yellow/beige: Harmony and prosperity, good luck and happiness

Black and white: male and female, harmony

Green and purples (can be lavenders or light purple): Growth, longevity and wealth

Metal colors: Creativity/children

Yellow and white: Heaven and earth

Green and blue: Growth

Red and green: Happy luck and success

Black and green: Wealth and growth and longevity

Especially auspicious colors: gold & purple (great wealth), silver & purple (great wealth), green & purple (great abundance), purple & white, purple & black (career and financial success)

© 2003 Kathryn Weber

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