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Toilet Paper Tube Favor Box

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DIY Favor BoxWe think these adorable favor boxes are a great way to make use of all those empty cardboard toilet paper rolls that get thrown out everyday. Depending on how many boxes you need, you may want to ask friends and family to save their empty tubes for you. To cover the tubes our team opted for clean used brown paper lunch bags that we collected from friends and family who just can’t give up using paper lunch bags.

By crumpling the bags we achieved a beautiful raw looking texture that also disguised the fact that we did not remove all the toilet paper remnants still stuck to the tube. Remember, by using thicker paper or crumpled paper you can save yourself the painstaking task of removing all the toilet paper glued to the tube.

Materials Required:

  • Clean empty cardboard toilet paper tubes
  • Paper to cover tubes. (ie. clean used brown paper lunch bags, reuse old wrapping paper, wall paper remnants, recycled scrap booking paper, old sheet music, fabric scraps, old maps)
  • Non-toxic White Glue
  • Artist brush
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or Raffia for embellishment (optional)


  1. Cut lunch bag along one length crease then cut out bottom of bag to lay bag flat.
  2. Crumple bag to create a raw organic paper look.
  3. Unravel crumpled bag and lay flat on your work surface.
  4. Measure and cut a piece of the lunch bag paper to fit the tube. Cut to exact measurement of tube length and allow a half inch overlap on the circumference.
    Use this cut out as a template to cut more sheets as required.
  5. Apply glue to tube and spread thinly and evenly with artist brush. Be sure to coat the entire tube with glue especially the edges at each end of the tube.
  6. Apply paper to tube.
  7. Apply a bead of glue to the overlap and spread with artist brush. Be sure to spread glue to the edge of the sheet. Press the overlap down to seal.
  8. Gently rub the entire tube to ensure the paper adheres to the glue.
  9. Set aside to allow the glue to completely dry.
  10. Once glue has dried, neatly fold the edges of one end of the tube. Remember to allow a slight overlap of the top fold.
  11. Fill the tube with organic chocolates, chocolate covered nuts or candies of your choice.
  12. Fold the other end of the tube to seal.
  13. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the circumference of the tube for a beautiful finishing touch. (optional)

Open Bag


















Apply Adhesive






Spread Glue






Roll Paper












First Fold






Second Fold

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