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Repurposing Heirloom Jewelry

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We received this question from Gaylene A. in Houston on how to incorporate ornate heirloom jewelry into her modern wedding.

Q: Hello, firstly I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. The ideas you give are not only practical but extremely beautiful. And your inspiration boards are pure eye candy, LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM!

Anyway, my question is how can I incorporate vintage heirloom jewelry into my very modern, clean lined and simple wedding. A few years ago I inherited some very ornate necklaces, earrings and brooches from my grandmother’s estate. I really would love to be able to wear at least one of the pieces but they are just too large and fussy and seem to overpower my simple clean lined dress.

Do you have any ideas on how I can incorporate one or two pieces into my wedding day without actually wearing them?

 A: Hi Gaylene,

This is a great question. We hear from many brides facing the same dilemma — They want to incorporate a treasured heirloom into their contemporary wedding scheme but are worried the piece will look too forced and out of place.

You want to make sure the beloved piece, especially a piece that belonged to a loved one who has passed on, receives a special place and purpose on your special day.

Two great ways to repurpose vintage jewelry is by using them as decoration on a wedding cake or in a bouquet.

(First photo)This photo from Consumed by Cake’s (flickr.com) shows how you can integrate a somewhat ornate vintage brooch into a very simple contemporary wedding cake. I think the look is simply stunning and visually interesting. 

(Second Photo)I love the bouquet in this photo by Mary Dougherty Photography. It appears the bouquet was designed around the brooch taking its queues from the colors in the piece itself.

(Third Photo)This pretty little bouquet was handmade by Etsy artisan Hair Bow Wonderworld.

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