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Making Bearing the Ring Easier to Bear

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I recently had the privilege of working with a bride who was planning a beautiful sophisticated wedding. What was so wonderful about this bride was her commitment to ensuring that her wedding day was not just about her but about everyone involved.

Her number one goal was to achieve a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable environment for all her guests and wedding party members without compromising elegance and sophistication. Her plans were coming along beautifully except for two pint sized problems — her two ring bearers. Her adorable, high spirited nephews absolutely refused to wear suits.

As she described to me the traumatic events of the fitting appointment the day prior and the extreme workout she and her sister got trying to get the boys into the suits I was struck with an idea. Why not let them wear something they will love and will want to wear again and again after the wedding? A costume.

You can imagine the look on her face when I mentioned allowing her ring bearers to wear costumes to her elegant wedding. But she quickly warmed to the idea when I explained what I had in mind.

My idea was to let the boys dress up in security guard or police officer costumes and have RING SECURITY embroidered on the shirts — she loved it and so did the boys. A few days after the wedding she called to let me know what a huge hit it was. Though hers was an elegant wedding, the costumes added just the right hit of fun and whimsy. She described to me the excited reactions from her guests as the boys walked down the aisle. It became one of the highlights of the day. But best of all, getting the boys into their wedding gear was a breeze. Also, these fun costumes have been getting a lot of wear after the wedding.


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  1. Kristi says:

    What an awesome idea!! Super cute and so fun. Makes me want to add a ring bearer to my wedding party.
    Thanks for the great idea.