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Hanging Jar Lantern

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Glass Jar HolderAdd a little sparkle to your reception with these delightful Hanging Jar Lanterns.

What a great way to recycle your clean, empty glass jars.

Source: P. Allen Smith Garden Home







Materials Required:

  • assorted sizes and styles of glass jars with a lip
  • fine gage metal wire
  • wire cutters
  • needle nose pliers
  • votive candles


  1. Collect small jam jar sized glass jars with a lip just below the top.
  2. Next, take a long piece of wire (about 24 inches is good) and bend it around the jar just under the lip so that a ring is formed. With the needle nose pliers twist the wire together close to the jar to secure the ring. When tightening the wire be sure to leave a little give so that you can attach the handle.
  3. Once the ring is created you will have 2 approximately 8 inch long wires originating from the point where the circle is twisted closed.
  4. Bend the excess wires over the top of the jar and attach them to the wire ring to create a handle.
  5. Place a votive candle inside the jar.
  6. Hang it in a tree with sturdy branches, far enough from the end of the branch, so the jar won’t slip off in the wind. Light the candles to create a magical effect.
  7. Caution should be used with any open flame; do not leave candles burning unsupervised.


2 Responses to “Hanging Jar Lantern”
  1. katie says:

    this works great hanging on a shepherds hook as well and the jars could also serve as hanging vases for tiny bouquets.

  2. ecochic says:

    Fantastic ideas Katie! We agree, the jars would look great as vases for small floral arrangements.