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Bridal Dress Saver

February 3, 2010 by  
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tuckinzAlright gals, I know we’ve all been through this. You’ve showered, applied your “non-whitening” deodorant, dried and styled your hair and applied your make up. You are now ready to put on that beautiful cocktail dress; surely your deodorant is dry by now right?

You slip into the dress and zip it up; you inspect yourself in the mirror and to your horror, there are white streaks on the dress. It seems no matter how long you wait or how carefully you slip into the dress the dreaded streaks are always there. Enter Tuck Inz.

These little wonders are the perfect dress saver for both you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

tuckinz1Tuck these soft pads over the underarm area of your garment and apply your deodorant. Continue to beautify yourself and just before you are ready to leave, remove the pads. Tuck Inz prevents white stains by allowing the deodorant to dry and absorbing the excess.

Best thing about these pads, they are washable and reusable.

This is a definite bridal dressing room must-have.

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