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A Wedding Donation to Help Haiti

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We’ve all watched the heartbreaking reports of devastation and suffering in Haiti after the recent earthquake. What can we do to help?

One way to help is through a donation to the relief effort through a reputable charitable organization. One such organization which is near to my heart is World Vision.

World Vision has a long standing trusted reputation with millions of personal donors, non-profit organizations, corporations and governments.  They are often first on the ground and on the front lines in disaster stricken areas around the world and were among the first responders in Haiti.

If you have an upcoming wedding and have not yet purchased wedding favors, please consider forgoing favors and party gifts and instead make a donation to the Haiti Relief Effort.  Place a note card on each table at your wedding reception to let your guests know in lieu of wedding favors you have made a donation that will give the gift of life and renewed hope to the children of Haiti.



2 Responses to “A Wedding Donation to Help Haiti”
  1. Candy Culver says:

    If engaged couples would like their donation to be matched 50 cents of every dollar with more than 70 qualifying charities, including World Vision, JustGive has pledged $25,000 to make that happen! Making the gift worth more! http://www.justgive.org

  2. ecochic says:

    Thanks for the great tip Candy!