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Cupcake Flower Centerpiece

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Cup Cake BouquetImpress your guests with these delicious and unique edible flower centerpieces. The secret, the flowers are cupcakes.

Imagine the delight on the faces of your guests as they marvel at your creativity.

Not only are these buds beautiful to look at, they will fill the air with a mouth watering sweet aroma.

Important tip: Please remember the icing can melt and slide off your cupcakes if the temperature in the reception hall gets to high. Make sure the facilities are air conditioned during warm months.




Materials Required:

  • Approximately 15 cm styrofoam ball
  • Bowl to fit styrofoam ball
  • Double sided tape (Can be found at most hardware or scrapbooking stores) or green tissue paper
  • Tooth picks or sandwich picks
  • Approximately 53 mini cupcakes per bouquet
  • Decorating Icing Bag and Tips
  • Cupcake recipe of choice
  • Icing of choice



  1. Apply double sided tape to bottom of styrofoam ball and place ball in the bowl. The tape will keep the ball from moving around. Alternatively, you can place green tissue paper in the bowl and nestle the ball in the tissue paper.
  2. Bake mini cupcakes using your favorite cupcake recipe and allow to cool.
  3. Position tooth picks/sandwich picks into styrofoam ball and apply cupcakes to the picks.
    See photos below.
  4. Fill icing bag with icing of your choice. Using a large star decorating tip start applying icing from center of cupcake, swirling out to the edge of the cupcake.
  5. Insert chocolate leaves between cupcakes to cover any exposed styrofoam. Click here for instructions on how to make chocolate leaves.

Cupcake Bouquet RedCupcake Bouquet Instructions Photos courtesy of Flickr_Sandra_socake


4 Responses to “Cupcake Flower Centerpiece”
  1. Duchess says:

    They are beautiful! I hope to be able to try them someday!

  2. Lizzie says:

    I really like this idea but I don’t find Styrofoam to be very “green”, I recommend using a head of iceberg lettuce instead.

  3. Excellent idea! Thank you for the tip.


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